RECENT ARTIVITIES (author and curator)


21 Luglio 2013 – Cantiere Open Day

LA BOTTELLA POSADA – musica popolare, poesia civile

25 Aprile –All’angolo della strada – Musica e parole per un mercato aperto

Michele Giunta, contrabbasso
Lorenzo Mazza, voce recitante
Andrea Mercurio, chitarra
Marco Reggiannini, tastiere

Giovedì 25 aprile il Piazzone di Viareggio torna a vivere. Dalle 20,30 di fronte al Caffè Irene musica, poesia e piccole arti di strada per rivivere il mercato aperto come luogo di scambio e aggregazione. Tra suggestioni swing, poesia civile, incursioni nella letteratura nostra (Viani e Tobino)… una sana passione ci fa dire che anche questa è Liberazione!



IL BRANCO “Dopo l’estate” – Festival MAREMOTO 2012 – 30 settembre 2012;

IL BRANCO “Dopo l’estate” – CSA Sars, Viareggio – 15 settembre 2012;

IL BRANCO “Dopo l’estate” – Auser PD Festival – Viareggio – 5 settembre 2012;

IL BRANCO “Dopo l’estate” – Boomart Festival – Torre del Lago Puccini – 1 settembre 2012

CUCINARESAPERE – Sound and Reading con Papamassi Dubpoetrysound -15 luglio 2012

Cucinaresapere / 15 Aprile 2012 – GAMC Viareggio
30 giugno – 15 luglio 2012 – Villa Gori Stiava (Lu)



2011 Nov

Pimp mi casa

Pimp Mi casa 2 vol 2 – ‘M’ – retrospettiva Maicol Borghetti
Pimp Mi casa 2 vol 1 – Draw the Box Contest / Onion State of Mind

2011 Apr
Pimp mi casa vol 1 _ Zed !, M.Scabola, M.Delgado

2011 June 12 – 30

From extraction to reaction ‘Medialab – Prado // Madrid
a project run by Christopher Pandolfi with Tom Schofield, Tatjana Vukelic, Carolina Carlini, Lorenzo Mazza, Juan Morales.

Video of the public presentation on 30th June 2011

Con . fondere – VI Biennale dei Giovani Artisti // SMS, various locations, Pisa (Italy)

Urban exhibition where I am curator and manager. We have started from a call for artist under 35, asking for a project regarding contemporary art practices in the public space. We have prepared a Biennale widespread in the city of Pisa.

2010 September

MetArtrock // Parco della Cittadella, Pisa (Italy)

An event co-curated with Massimo Pasca. Three nights of live painting, collective art collages made by visitors, street art history videos, alongside Metarock Music Festival near the Arno river in Pisa. With Alvaro Milt, Zed1, Luca Scopetti, The Casalini’s, Manuela Trillo, Diego Gabriele, Giada Matteoli, Tommaso Santucci, Maurizio Scabola, CollettivoMensa.

2010 July

Tuscany Street Paradise // Urban Garage, Milan (Italy)

An exhibition co-curated with Luigi Mauri in Milan. With Etnik, Moneyless, Massimo Pasca and Zed1, four artists and their canvases, different perspectives on urban art. They are born or they simply live and work in Tuscany, between Lucca, Pisa, Florence and Certaldo. Tuscany is a land with long country roads that cross small town so full of history, frightening to the present.

Summer_show_tuscany street paradiseETNIKZED 1ZED1 OPEREETNIKMoneyless

2010 May

Slam! Arte urbana in Laboratorio // Laboratorio 21, Viareggio (Lucca) – Italy

An exhibition co-curated with Gaia Querci, regarding street and urban art practises. Different media (canvas, video, installation) and different techniques (stencil, spray, brushes, posters, markers…). In addition to their operas, participating artist were asked to design and produce a special given cube. With Etnik, Zed1, Massimo Pasca, Skivo, Emanuele Kabu, Oma, Teo Moneyless, C 215, Dome, Lucamaleonte, Studio Superficie. Event included rap, spoken word, dub-poetry night, lectures and special live painting session by Orticanoodles, MrG and Fine. Too much concrete, the research panel of the platform is still going on.

2010 May

Cristian Sonda – Murales // Paolo Barsacchi Railway Bridge, Viareggio (Lucca) – Italy

A project I curated in the Municipality of Viareggio, finding a giant wall for street artist Cristian Sonda to let him paint an imaginary forest. In a big black and white wall-painting, every tree is in some way linked to a human character. The project was conducted in three days in deep contact with local residents.

2009 May

Kunstwollen – L’intenzione dell’arte // Laboratorio 21, Viareggio (Lucca) – Italy

Inside the Kunstwollen platform, I curated a Videoart Box Screening, focusing on italian and eastern Europe authors using the body as a way of thinking and expressing themselves through different media. With Alessandra Arnò, Francesca Banchelli, BridA, La Comida, Cristiano Coppi, Dusica Ivetic, Boris Kaeski, Concetta Modica, Antonio Montesano, Jelena Pesic.

2008 May

Modux 3.0 // GingerZone, Scandicci (Florence) – Italy

Brida Art Collective (Slovenia) – Sendi Mango, Jurij Pavlica and Tom Kersevan

BridA’s research questions on technology in our lives, focusing on our imagination as citizens involved in a participatory art project. Modux is an analysis of a work of art production process, considering it from another point of view, that of the science. Here the role of the artist and the opportunities for interaction are redefined, with the audience participating in the creative phase.

2007 December

Culture Hunting // Ljubljana – Slovenia

A research project commissioned by GingerZone, Scandicci Cultura and Regione Toscana, consisting in a ten-day residency in Ljubljana with Gianfranco Masi, focusing on urban art and remains of socialism in contemporary Slovenian art. Results were collected in Art in Lubiana, a publication and a video documentary.

2007 March

Outside Project – On Invisibility// Belgrade-Serbia

A project launched by Dejan Atanackovic with Edoardo Malagigi and Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze. I was collaborating with Etra Arte Magazine (Nathalie Nienkemper, Gianfranco Masi) preparing workshops and the Turkish bath exhibition. Furthermore I curated settings and editing for (Fe)male, Pier Fabrizio Paradiso video-dance project and I collaborated in promoting Morphosy – Recycle & Wear, Angela Nocentini – fashion show with recycled materials.

2005 July – August


A relational art project with Giacomo Verde in the small town of Serravalle Pistoiese, an acient borgo in Tuscany just over the highway. For this project I took care of a conference panel focusing on exchange practises, role of money, alternative economics and all the possible interactions with art.


La Comida // Florence, Milan (Italy)

Experimental live media Project involving documentary and vjing // Coordinator and Performer;


2006 – Common House- Dmitri Vilensky, Fondazione Teseco per l’Arte, Pisa;

2006 – Movimento Terra – Andrea Caretto/Raffaella Spagna, Fond. Lanfranco Binni, Pelago (Fi); 2005 – Videoarte – Dimitris Kozaris, San Quirico d’Orcia (Si);

2005 – Cercando eutopie – Giacomo Verde, Serravalle Pistoiese (Pt);

2004 – In cerca della regia- Giuseppe Bertolucci, Università di Bologna;

2012 – C215, Meet the Artist, Urbanpainting Gallery (Carugate – Mi), Text for exhibition;

2011 – Orticanoodles, Text for magazines and various exhibition catalogues;

2010 – UpintheCastle!, Castello Visconteo (Trezzo sull’Adda), Text for exhibition;

2010 – Ah che Rebus, Cristian Sonda, Text for Rolling Stone web magazine;

2010 – Urban Painting Summer Show, Urban Garage (Milan), Text for exhibition;

2010 – Tele-visi-oni, Cristian Sonda, Arcidosso – Festival Alterazioni, Text for exhibition;

2010 – Slam! Arte urbana in laboratorio, Lab 21 (Viareggio), Text for exhibition catalogue;

2010 – C215, Solo Exhibition, Spazio Concept (Milan), Text for exhibition;

2009 – Urban Painting Xmas Show, Spazio Concept (Milan), Text for exhibition catalogue;

2009 – Kunstwollen – L’intenzione dell’arte,Lab 21 (Viareggio), Text for exhibition catalogue;

2009 – Lucamaleonte, Urban Solitude, Spazio Isarte (Milan), Text for exhibition catalogue;

2005 – Dedalus (Les Liens Invisibles), It contains the whole universe (1×1 pixel size) in sequences of 25 frames per second, Biennale Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara, Text for exhibition;

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